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Reserv room

When you are planing on going on vacation you might do it on several ways and I do believe that this is what people think and do want to do. Yes, when we talk about this thing I do think and believe that this is something marvellous and why not just take the opportunity to do this and make use of the hotel reservation system that is being made for all of us instead of going on this too. Yes, I do believe this is something important and a step further in what we call vacations in a really ...

Bra för kablarna

Det finns saker man kan göra som göra att det ser lite snyggare ut hemma med alla kablar och så vidare. Ja ett sätt är att använda sig av adactus som kan göra att man samlar sina kablar och gör att det ser lite snyggare ut. För det är ju inte så bra om det är massor med kablar på alla ställen i huset. Och det är heller inte så säkert om man har hund eller småbarn hemma då dom lätt kan skada sig på kablarna. Så det är ett bra sätt att få undan alla sin kablar och ...

I got perspective again

I work at a trade show as a hostess but the other day when I saw all nicely dressed office workers who came to the fair, I wanted an exciting career. But then when I was a hostess during a lecture on a polarization modulator so I quickly realized my own limitations. How exciting it may seem, it was way too complicated for me. It made me gain some perspective on life. Exciting career requires training and passion. Fair Hostess is actually an okay job where you meet people from all professions. I'm happy again.

Dinner with friends.

We lived in The Netherlands and there are great chines restaurants. When we moved to Sweden I thought that I would miss those restaurants but that is not true. I found the best chinese restaurant stockholm and now and then I set a date with some friends to have a nice dinner there together. This weekend we will have a dinner and I am really looking forward to that. The last dinner we had with all the girls was about eight weeks ago. We all are so busy that besides the dinners there is not much contact between all of ...